Von Schweikert Audio VR-35
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FREQ RESP: 25Hz-30KHz (+/-2dB)

SENSITIVITY: 90dB  @ 1w/1m


REC. MIN. POWER: 60 watts

SIZE: 50" x 16" x 12"

WEIGHT: 115/lbs per channel

VR-35 MkII

Panoramic, full-range performance is what the VR-35 MkII offers listeners at a fraction of the cost of acoustically comparable designs. Von Schweikert Audio delivers this sonic value by reducing the largest expense factor in High-End Loudspeakers manufacturing: the cabinet finish. While still very attractive, the customer buying a VR-35 MkII isn't paying for exotic veneers or automotive finishes. The end result is the highest level of sonic performance and build-quality available in its price range. Von Schweikert Audio is able to achieve this price point while still hand crafting each and every one of these speakers here in California.


The VR-35 MkII is also revolutionary in its unique ability to be placed near the rear wall. Not only will you reclaim precious room space from other designs that stand feet into the room, this design consideration also allows for increased bass performance as well as panoramic soundstaging. During setup, adjusting the bass performance requires the movement of mere inches (not feet) to achieve dramatic alterations. The rear wall reinforcement delivers a sweeping soundstage that extends far beyond the boundaries created by lesser designs.


Having been in the industry over 40 years, we at VSA understand the challenges faced by consumers when making the significant investment in high-end audio equipment and are doing everything in our power to make that decision as easy as possible for you. Following is a list of exactly how we do that.


Multiple Reviews

It is important to understand how a specific component stacks up to the competition; and the critical press is a very necessary part of that. Von Schweikert Audio seeks out multiple reviews for all our products. We know that by giving you multiple opinions, you are able to better understand the virtues of our products.


Customer Opinions

Don't just take our word for it. Manufacturers are inherently biased to the products they produce or sell. We highly encourage all prospective customers to check our reputation and customer satisfaction at the customer moderated, Von Schweikert Audio forum at AudioCircle.com and the WhatsBestForum.com. These friendly and helpful groups of audiophiles are more than happy to share their thoughts and opinions with anyone interested. As we've sold tens of thousands of pairs of speakers since 1976, we have a huge customer base that you can contact through these sites.


Hassle-Free Consultation

We have customer service specialists available by phone or email to answer any questions you may have about our products. Our extensive screening process will establish if the VR-35 MkII is right for you or if another model would be more appropriate for your satisfaction. We can talk about room and system integration or product specifications and performance without any pressure to buy.