The goal of our Vortex Acoustic Line is to provide consumers with a very highly developed reference quality loudspeaker at an affordable price.  This is accomplished by utilizing a cloth-wrapped cabinet with some of the world’s best drive units, crossover parts, and internal wiring.  By eliminating the high costs associated with veneering or painting the cabinet and offering this line of products Factory Direct, these loudspeakers compete with other speakers costing five times as much.  All models in the Vortex Acoustics Line are designed with parts sourced from the USA and Europe and manufactured 100% in California, U.S.A. ensuring the highest value currently available in their price range.

Von Schweikert Audio VR-55

For the first time ever, own a $15,000 speaker for only $3,750. That's right, Von Schweikert Audio is offering this revolutionary speaker design Factory Direct; at a quarter the price it would cost using the traditional sales model. By eliminating the mark-up, high-priced veneers and paint finishes, we're able to deliver more sound quality for your audio budget than the competition.


Von Schweikert Audio VR-9
VR-35 MkII

Panoramic, full-range performance is what the VR-35 MkII offers listeners at a fraction of the cost of acoustically comparable designs. Von Schweikert Audio delivers this sonic value by reducing the largest expense factor in High-End Loudspeakers manufacturing: the cabinet finish. While still very attractive, the customer buying a VR-35 MkII isn't paying for exotic veneers or automotive finishes. The end result is the highest level of sonic performance and build-quality available in its price range. Von Schweikert Audio is able to achieve this price point while still hand crafting each and every one of these speakers here in California.