Over the decades, many things have inspired us to develop new loudspeaker designs; advancements in technology, shifts in the market or simply to satisfy a personal desire.  But once we decide to create something new, there are three major limiting factors to any design.


  • Application:  How and where the product will be used

  • Technology:  What is presently available

  • Price:  The greatest constraint


That is until now.


Each of the Ultra Line models was conceptualized by first asking this question.  "What would we create if budget were not a concern?”


Thus began a 3-year development cycle which is in the final stage.


The entire Ultra Line benefit from one very significant advantage; a cost no object budget.  Each loudspeaker in this line is built to order and incorporates the latest and greatest technical advancements to achieve the ultimate performance.


As such, the Von Schweikert Audio Ultra Line reference loudspeakers represents the pinnacle of our design and manufacturing achievements and deservedly holds the honor of our flagship systems.


Building on the highly successful and award-winning design of the VR-55, the ULTRA 55 incorporates the full suite of exotic components and technological advancements to achieve the unparalleled performance expected from an ULTRA Line flagship loudspeaker.  The ULTRA 55 is an uncompromising design that delivers the promise of the ULTRA 9 and 11 across the broadest spectrum of the frequency range possible in this smaller footprint while performing optimally in on their own in mid-sized to smaller sound rooms or large sound rooms with the addition of Shockwave subwoofers.  For those seeking the ultimate reference loudspeaker in this price range, the ULTRA 55 is the right choice.



Three years in development, the ULTRA 7 is perhaps the most flexible in this flagship line of loudspeakers with the ability to deliver unprecedented performance in small, and medium sized sound rooms as well as very large rooms when paired with the Shockwave Subwoofers.  The ULTRA 7 also incorporate the Room Adjustment Control Suit previous exclusive to the ULTRA 9 and ULTRA 11.  This Room Adjustment Control Suite allows you to achieve linear flat reference performance in your room; regardless of challenging room conditions, than any other analog loudspeakers available.  All of this and more makes the ULTRA 7 the "sweet spot" for many audiophiles in performance, aesthetics and ultimately budget.


Von Schweikert Audio ULTRA 9

The sleek dimensions of the ULTRA 9 design fits nicely into any sound room yet brings all the transparency, attack, dynamic authority and panoramic soundstage of its larger sibling, the ULTRA 11.  All the components and voicing are identical to that of the larger flagship, just "right sized" to fit real-world sound room dimensions.  The ULTRA 9 projects a sound field that is so dynamic, it sounds like a far larger system.


Von Schweikert Audio ULTRA 11

Incorporating every advancement in musical reproduction Von Schweikert Audio has developed over the last 40 years, the technology integrated in this design represents a revolutionary advancement, not an evolutionary one.


The ULTRA 11 is unquestionably one of the best measuring and sounding systems ever created as proven by its' extremely low distortion.  This flagship loudspeaker delivers astonishingly clear midrange and peerless transparency, extremely smooth highs out to 60kHz and tight bass down to 10Hz.  All this with three dimensional soundstage that creates an accurate holographic image of any recorded event.  The ULTRA 11 delivers soulful emotion to any music and must be experienced in person to truly be appreciated. 


Simply stated, the ULTRA 11 is the definition of ultimate performance.