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Stereophile Vol 43, NO 7, ULTRA 55 Review
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Von Schweikert Audio is proud to introduce our ULTRA 55, the third loudspeaker in this flagship reference series.  Its technology and performance are essentially identical to the critically acclaimed and award-winning ULTRA 9 and ULTRA 11, but in a form factor that is far more adaptable to a greater number of sound rooms given its footprint and overall height.


Bringing you closer than ever before to the source, to experience the live event in the privacy of your home is the promise every Von Schweikert Audio loudspeaker seeks to deliver.  The ULTRA 55 sets an unprecedented new standard for realism.  To achieve this level of performance, we’ve leveraged more than 40 years of research and development in the creation of this revolutionary new model.


  • Extremely low distortion, class-defining clarity, three dimensional image focus, and lush harmonic structure set a new world standard.

  • MasterBuilt Ultra Internal Wiring comes standard on the ULTRA Line.  Each signal path is individually shielded and damped with point to point connections.  Designed by leaders in the Aerospace industry and made with rare and precious alloys.  It’s simply the most transparent signal path available!  For more information, click here!

  • Incorporating exotic ceramic woofer and midrange drivers unique to the ULTRA Line of loudspeakers as well as our critically acclaimed Beryllium tweeters and ambient ribbon tweeters.

  • Point to point hand built networks with isolated architecture that protects crossover parts and wiring from electrical noise contamination.

  • Version 2.0 Aktive Cabinet Vibration Control, eliminating cabinet noise with new materials and layering techniques.

  • Time Alignment, Phase Consistency, and adjustable bi-polar sound radiation pattern for room-filling sound.

  • To enable the bass response to match any room, the ULTRA 55 utilizes a proprietary 525-watt integrated woofer amplifier with amplitude adjustment which retains the tonal signature of your existing amplifier while providing the fast, tight and deep bass one would expect from a bi-amped system.

The ULTRA 55 is a flagship level loudspeaker designed to fit into any  mid-sized to smaller sound room on it's own.  And can be the ideal loudspeaker for larger rooms when accompanied by our Shockwave subwoofers giving you ultimate flexability.


Each channel of the ULTRA 55 loudspeaker system is physically time-aligned and consists of a 525-watt booster amp driving twin 9" reinforced ceramic mid-bass drivers, a 7" reinforced ceramic midrange, a beryllium tweeter, and one 5" aluminum ribbon super tweeter (rear firing as part of the ambient retrieval system). When combined with low distortion motor assemblies and the highest quality crossover circuitry available, this transducer array produces the finest and most lifelike musical presentation available.



Fine Tuning Adjustments

The ULTRA 55 benefits from the same proprietary adjustable 525-watt woofer booster amp technology as our award winning VR-55.  This works with your existing amplifier in a bi-amp configuration and allows anyone, in any room, to achieve superb bass depth and also enables matching of the bass level to the upper frequency ranges. Finally, a speaker for every room!


The ULTRA 55 also utilizes our proprietary Acoustic Inverse Replication (A.I.R.) technology.  A.I.R. employs our famous Global Axis Integration Network to enable our ULTRA 55 system to replicate the inverse of recording microphone signal, thus decoding the dimensionality of the actual recorded event.  In combination with our rear-firing Ambience Retrieval System, the ULTRA 55 provides thrilling realism guarantee to provoke an emotional response from any music lover.


The ULTRA 55 delivers all the speed and depth of bass, vocal resolution and tonal richness of our critically acclaimed and award-winning ULTRA 9 and ULTRA 11 flagship loudspeakers but in a form factor that will fit into almost any lifestyle.  Through their low distortion design, the ULTRA 55 exceeds the competition in its ability to deliver more of the signal without the “information masking” from the competition’s higher distortion designs.  Lastly, the ULTRA 55 can more accurately reproduce the original sound of recordings in essentially any environment using our proprietary analog room integration controls during their initial setup.


The ULTRA 55 are the state-of-the-art in high-end audio loudspeaker design.  Von Schweikert Audio allows you to simply enjoy the music by solving the many challenges of recreating the live event in your sound room.

Warranty: Five-Year when purchased through an authorized dealer


FREQ RESP: 20Hz - 40KHz

SENSITIVITY: 89dB @ 1w/1m


REC. MIN. POWER: 60 watts

SIZE: 42" H x 13" W  x 24" D

WEIGHT: 190 lbs each