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Building on the highly successful lineage of the world-class Endeavor loudspeakers, Von Schweikert Audio is please to present our newest offering; the Endeavor Special Edition or SE.  This model incorporates the highly refined full-range performance of its bigger brother, the E-5 including our cryptically acclaimed Beryllium tweeter which is used throughout the VR and ULTRA line of flagship loudspeakers.  In addition, the Endeavor SE also incorporates other design VSA elements like our proprietary Rear-Ambient Retrieval System, Bi-Wire inputs with isolated networks and high-quality crossover components.  Last but not least, the Special Edition comes in our high-gloss multi layer paint finish as standard, customer's can choose a custom color to accommodate their specific tastes with matching painted plinth for the highest level of fit and finish.


The Endeavor Special Edition innovations in audio technology make is the highest performing loudspeaker in its price category.  But science alone cannot define musical expression, with its emotion and passion.  Thus, the SE was engineered by a team of experts in the art of musical appreciation as well as advanced audio engineering.  Easy to drive and all amps are suitable.

Featuring advanced speaker components often found in systems many times our price:

  • Anodized aluminum woofer cones, Kevlar midrange, and damped Beryllium dome tweeter to ensure highest level of sonic transparency  possible.

  • REAR AMBIENCE RETRIEVAL DRIVER: To match the transient response and tone quality of the superb front tweeter, we have employed a 75mm ribbon tweeter driven by a Neodymium magnet system for the lowest distortion and widest frequency range we have measured from a 75mm ribbon.

  • Top-class measurements with lowest distortion/coloration in its price range. 

  • Non-parallel walls and advanced cabinet design for sonic purity. 

  • Linkwitz-Riley crossover filters ensure correct phase coherence and timing.


Connections: WBT Next-Gen Gold Bi-Wire binding posts.

Woofers: Two 175mm anodized aluminum coned woofers.  Double-stacked magnets provide fast transient response and great dynamics.  Faraday ring-type motor/voice coil, cooled with aluminum phase plugs and vented motors for low distortion


Midrange: 165mm Kevlar coned high performance midrange unit with Faraday ring motor/voice coil, phase plug provides linear response and low distortion. Top-class design & sound.


Midrange Loading: Tapered transmission line for low coloration and high dynamic range


Treble Unit: An advanced metal dome tweeter using a Beryllium substrate with ceramic damping layer to eliminate harsh sound quality. Driven by an FEA-designed Neodymium ring magnetic system, the rear wave is absorbed by a specialized rear chamber filled with fiberglass. This new tweeter has the lowest measured distortion of any dome tweeter on the market, cost-no-object.


Voicing Information: The Endeavor Special Edition is a highly  accurate reference quality loudspeaker that was carefully voiced to sound like a musical instrument rather than a “sterile” facsimile.  The bass range is extremely potent, yet so quick as to not overload your listening room.  The depth, image focus and dimensionality are top-class.

CABINET DESIGN: To eliminate cabinet “resonance” and coloration, we utilize our proprietary Aktive 2.0 construction by building a Triple Wall panel consisting of a 75mm thickness of high-density resin/wood powder, artificial stone, and hard rubber. These layers resonate at differing Q frequencies, which enables the vibration to “actively” reduce sound transmission through the cabinet proper. This cabinet design is not only superior to solid aluminum but is a far more elegant solution allowing us to budget far more of the build costs towards the components that make music instead of investing so much into a cabinet that does not.


Warranty: Five-Year when purchased through an authorized dealer


FREQ RESP: 28Hz - 22KHz 

SENSITIVITY: 89dB @ 1w/1m


REC. MIN. POWER: 60 watts

SIZE: 44" x 9" x 15"

WEIGHT: 95/lbs per channel