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TAS Editors Choice 2020 award
E-5 MkII Black Gloss
E-5 MkII Black Gloss
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E-5 MkII Rio Gold
E-5 MkII Rio Gold
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E-5 MkII Backplate Rio Gold
E-5 MkII Backplate Rio Gold
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FREQ RESP: 24Hz - 40KHz

SENSITIVITY: 91dB @ 1w/1m


REC. MIN. POWER: 60 watts

SIZE: 66" x 9" x 15"

WEIGHT: 140/lbs per channel


Von Schweikert Audio is proud to present the reference Endeavor E-5 MkII loudspeaker system.  Featuring the latest innovations in audio technology, the Endeavor E-5 MkII is the most advanced, yet affordable, speaker system on the market today.


The design philosophy for this model was to take all of the winning characteristics of the highly successful Endeavor E-3 MkII and enhance them with a greater parts budget. 


Beryllium Dome Tweeter:  Scanspeak of Denmark's top-of-the-line treble unit with proprietary damping and surround makes for the most invisible tweeter we have heard.


Kevlar-Cone Midrange:  High performance midrange units with Faraday ring voice coil; phase plug provides linear response and low distortion Anodized`


Aluminum-Cone Woofers:  Double stacked magnets provide fast transient response and great dynamics. Faraday ring-type voice coil, cooled with aluminum phase plugs and vented motors for low distortion.


Rear Ambience Retrieval Driver: To provide greater depth of soundstage and spacial imaging in the E-5 MkII design, we've employed a 75mm ribbon tweeter driven by a Neodymium magnet system for the lowest distortion and widest frequency range we have measured from a 75mm ribbon.

CABINET DESIGN: To eliminate cabinet “resonance” and coloration, we utilize our proprietary Aktive 2.0 construction by building a Triple Wall panel consisting of a 75mm thickness of high-density resin/wood powder, artificial stone, and hard rubber. These layers resonate at differing Q frequencies, which enables the vibration to “actively” reduce sound transmission through the cabinet proper. This cabinet design is not only superior to solid aluminum but is a far more elegant solution allowing us to budget far more of the build costs towards the components that make music instead of investing so much into a cabinet that does not.

" I felt these speakers could play anything musically no matter what you threw at them — classical, house, top 40s, intimate jazz." - Audiophilia


As with its predecessor, the Endeavor E-5 MkII strives to deliver top-class depth, image focus, and dimensionality across a broad spectrum of recordings and listening environments.  A chameleon speaker meant to disappear; leaving nothing standing between you and the ultimate listening experience.


"...remarkably cheap in the ultra large speaker category, and has the finesse to approach the capabilities of the big boys." - The Absolute Sound


In the case of the Endeavor E-5 MkII loudspeaker, high-performance sound is attainable.  We work hard to find new ways to deliver world-class sound at a reasonable price point.  Few speakers we produce embodies this philosophy as well as the Endeavor E-5 MkII.  But don't take our word for it, you just need to hear this system to believe.

Warranty: Five-Year when purchased through an authorized dealer