Many of our clients hire us to design their two channel listening rooms or multi-channel home theater systems. As we employ acousticians as well as design engineers, we have the ability to create custom systems that include room design, room tuning, and custom-built speakers for specific applications.

Below you will see photographs of systems, some we have designed and fabricated and others are merely samples to stimulate your imagination. Anything is possible! You can see that we use a variety of our different models as the main speakers in multi-channel home theater installations. We can design and install turn-key systems with any type of budget in mind, whether you wish to spend $10,000 on a two channel system with our recommended amplification and cables, or a large home theater system at $2.5 million. We do it all, on time and within budget!

We work with our Dealers and Distributors world-wide who will provide the assistance that you will need to obtain and then maintain your system. Many of our Dealers have installed very exotic theaters in conjunction with our services. Most of the systems shown below were designed with our Dealers and then realized through our custom design process.


Since we employ staff engineers ex-Lucas Film/THX and scientists who design room tuning devices as our partners, we can provide you with a room that is beyond your imagination. In conjunction with our interior decorators, we can provide any aesthetic appearance you may wish for, whether it is a 1940’s Art Deco Theater with velvet curtains or a modern interpretation with your favorite theme – your dream is achievable when you hire Von Schweikert Audio to provide you with an experience you will always cherish and one your friends will envy.


To discuss your system requirements, please contact our offices and we'll pair you with a system engineer for your personal consultation.